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Frequently Asked Questions

How did we get started?

I started Ambiguous You with the idea that bath and beauty products don't have to be full of chemicals, dyes, additives, and animal derived ingredients. We keep things natural just like nature intended. I started with bath bombs and as I began to run out of other products I decided rather than keep buying these products that I couldn't pronounce their ingredients I'd make my own products. I couldn't be the only one who thinks about these issues and turned out I wasn't. I soon had women asking to purchase these bath goods I'd create and I decided to pursue the business.


What makes products different than those big name cosmetic companies?

Our products differ from the big name cosmetic companies in several different ways. First, we are a small company which means you are helping grow a small business rather than give corporations your hard earned dollars. Next, we make our product ingredients understandable. Forget all those labels with the endless ingredient lists which is sometimes like reading a foreign language, relax you can read ours plain and simple! We don't use harmful fillers such as bismuth, which can irritate your skin. Our products are all natural, vegan, and gluten-free! No animal testing or animal bi-products are used in our products. Those with Celiac Disease can rest assured our products will not break out your sensitive skin.  


Where can I purchase Ambiguous You products?

We are in the process of making Ambiguous You products more available. Currently you can purchase Ambiguous You products at the Clintonville Community Market, on, and through this website. Please contact us if you are interested in caring Ambiguous You products in your store.


Why is bismuth bad for my skin?

Bismuth is the only non-toxic heavy metal. It is used in a variety of skin care products but primarily in posses the most concern in the big name mineral makeups. As a cheap filler for makeup it is an easy choice for the larger cosmetic companies. However, since it is a heavy metal, it is considered to be a harsh abrasive to those with sensitive skin. Not to mention it is in the same group of elements as arsenic on the periodic table, I don't know about you but I don't want to be putting anything resembling to arsenic on my face. For these reasons you won't see bismuth in any of our mineral makeup and that's a guarantee!


Why coconut oil is so amazing for your skin?

Tropical Natives have been slathering this natural oil gift forever, they claim it helps protect their skin from the damaging sun. Coconut oil naturally clears away dirt, grime, and dead skin cells. It even has some antibacterial properties, killing off harmful bacteria. This deeply hydrating oil helps with premature aging, flaky and rough skin, stretch marks, sun burns, bug bites, rashes, actually speeding up healing time. Coconut oil has also been praised for its prevention of premature aging for years with its ability to diminish fine lines and helping reduce skin sagging. The oil itself stays a a solid creamy white state when below 76 degrees and then becomes a clear liquid if the temperatures reach above 76 degrees, so try to keep those Ambiguous Oil products with a coconut oil base out of the sun or they may just melt. We use coconut oil in a variety of our products from lip balm, body scrubs, to massage bars, and cuticle cream.

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